• You would agree with us that there are organizations that if they decide to make their educational systems free, it would not affect their financial status, neither will it scratch their finances, so we want to step into that place where we will own schools/educational centres, where our target groups will attend free of charge or highly subsidized, and staff well taken care of. But we are, currently where we have started by paying school fees for some of our target groups.
  • We want to do same for medical services as for what we want to do for education. But now being a newly formed foundation, we do hospital visits, give gifts to patients and most times off-set medical bills for patients – waiting for increase in financial capacity to own medical facilities where our target groups can seek and get medical services for free or maximally subsidized rates. And staff also well taken care of.
  • We want to offer RAHAB SERVICES to cultists, drug addicts/abusers, commercial sex workers, victims of rape and human trafficking (sex slaves), election thugs and any other vice(s) who want to turn away from (the vices) and turn a new leave. In doing this, we want to establish and build REHAB CENTRES and inside the rehab centres, there will be skill acquisition/training centres, so as during the process of rehabilitation, they also acquire skills and as soon as they finish we empower them with the requisite equipments and financial help to be self-reliant and useful to be incorporated back into the society without guilt and complex ready and prepared to be successful. We also visit prisons to help out inmates who have option of fines to their offenses and pay off the fines in order to avoid serving jail terms. There are also those who are in AWAITING TRIAL MISSION (ATM) for no clear infringement on the law so we help take up their cases and ensure they are released.
  • We train/empower people with FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE and the art of MAKING, MANAGING AND MULTIPLYING MONEY.
  • We also train and empower people with other trainings that will help life be worth living.
  • We also carry out other philanthropic gestures like STOMACH INFRASTRUCTURE AND RELIEVE MATERIALS to the needy in other to ameliorate their sufferings and put smiles on their faces.

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In doing this, we have stream-lined our area of focus, functionality and concentration into: